Tailgate Axle Shaft, Bushings & Roller kit 1971-76 GM Clamshell Station Wagon

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Here is a kit to replace your worn axle shafts and rollers found on the clamshell tailgate of all 1971-1976 GM full size station wagons.
Please see the 9 images to the left showing the kit once installed.
Since GM didn't use bushings on the axle shafts, the brackets and shafts wore quickly with regular use. We produced oversize bronze bushings with close tolerances that press into the worn brackets that were caused by steel on steel. 
You will need to bore your brackets to accept the new bushings. The bushings were made to fit the bracket with a  pressed fit. The new axle shaft was machined to the original dimensions and is a direct fit with your old brackets unless they are worn. Chances are that if you're looking at this kit, your brackets  have worn their hole to an oval shape that will need drilled and the included bronze bushings pressed in.