GM Female Crimp Terminals Choose 10-12 awg, 14-16 awg, 18-20 awg

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Available here are individual Delphi Packard 56 and 59 Series Female crimp terminal connectors available in several different American wire gauge sizes. (AWG)

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Please use drop down menus above to choose your wire gauge size needed.

There are many, many, uses under the hood for these terminals. Insert them into various connector housings to repair or make your own wiring harness pigtail.

#103-100: 12 AWG Female Crimp Terminal 56 Series

#103-103: 14-16 AWG Female Crimp Terminal 56 Series

#103-104: 18-20 AWG Female Crimp Terminal 56 Series

#103-111: 14-16 AWG Zinc Female Crimp Terminal 56 Series

#103-112: Female Fits (2) 14 AWG Wires or (1) Female 10 AWG Wire

#103-113: 12-14 AWG Female Copper Crimp Terminal 56 Series

#103-114: 12-14 AWG Female Brass Crimp Terminal 56 Series

#103-116: Female Double Wire Terminal (for larger wires or connectors that require two wires in one terminal) 56 Series

#103-117: Female Double Wire (GM Headlight Terminal) 59 Series 0.32" Blade Width

#103-118: Female Single Wire (GM Headlight Terminal) 59 Series 0.32" Blade Width

#103-119: Female 14-16 AWG Thin Wall Brass Crimp Terminal 56 Series

Nylon connector housings and crimping tool available separately.

We have just about ANY connector housing and crimp terminal for GM vehicles between 1955-1976. If you don't see what you need, please contact us!