Steering Coupler Rag-Joint Column to Gearbox Disk 1960-78 GM

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Replacing your worn out steering coupler ragjoint will help fix sloppy, loose steering.
If your car wanders one direction while you're turning the steering wheel the other direction, you may need to replace the rubber rag joint. Failure is often cause by oil which breaks down the rubber and turns it to mush.
The rag joint connects the steering gearbox to the steering column.
Includes all hardware required for installation.

Measurements: 3-3/16" (3.1875") O.D. x 1-1/4" (1.33") I.D.

BUICK            1956-1976
CADILLAC      1961-1974
CHEVROLET  1961-1978
GMC                1967-1979
OLDSMOBILE 1960-1976
PONTIAC         1961-1976