Instrument Panel Light 12V Dome LED 194 Wedge Choose Color

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These will replace the mini wedge base LED bulbs commonly found in your instrument panel and side marker lights.
Will light your instrument panel gauges with much brighter more vivid color.
Wedge type LED's are polarized, if they don't light simply turn them around to reverse polarity (+ -).

Compatible with these incandescent bulb numbers:
147 152 158 159 161 168 184 192 193 194 259 280 285 447 464 501
555 558 585 655 656 657 906 912 1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 2921 2825 w5w T10

Fits: GM (all 1962-1985)

Tips for color placement:
White to illuminate the instrument panel gauges
Green behind turn signal lenses
Amber behind check engine lenses
Red behind Oil, Alternator and Hi beam lenses
Blue behind Hi beam lenses

Example: If you are installing LED's behind your green turn signal indicator lenses, then you would want to install a green LED behind the lens. Using a white LED behind the green would tend to wash out the green color.

These LED's are dimmable but depending on how low your rheostat dimmer will cut the voltage depends on how dim the lights will be. These led's wont start to dim until they get below 9 volts.