Hood to Fender Rubber Bumper 5/8" (Narrow) 1966-1975 Buick

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Listing is for 1 hood to fender rubber bumper to fit many Buicks 1966-1975

These are the narrower bumpers which mount on the inside of the fender at the rear closest to the cowl. They keep the hood from rattling against the fender.
Measures: 5/8" wide x 1" tall

Most vehicles typically use 4 rubber bumpers that measure 1-1/4" wide although the Rivieras and full size Buicks 1971-up use 6 bumpers which 2 of them at the rear use the narrower 5/8" version as seen in this listing. If you need the wider 1-1/4" bumpers, please click HERE to view it.