HEI Distributor Ignition Control Module Heavy Duty 1974-89 GM

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1974-89 GM heavy duty distributor ignition control module to fit many 1974-up GM automobiles with HEI high energy ignition system.

When this part is defective, its usually the cause of a no-spark condition. 
Improve your vehicle's performance with the benefits of greater throttle response, smoother idle, and full power output at high rpm.
2 Mounting Holes. Male Connector, Male Terminal.
Heavy duty distributor ignition control module

Reported to fit these models below and possibly more:

Buick Models: Apollo 1974-75 V8 5.7L Century 1974-81 V6 3.8L, V8 5.7L, V8 5.0L, V6 3.2L, V8 4.9L, V8 4.3L Electra 1974-80 Base Model, V8 5.7L (8th Vin Digit X) Estate Wagon 1975-79 Base Model LeSabre 1974-80 V8 7.5L (8th Vin Digit T,U,H,J,P,R,V FOR 74 years) V8 5.7L, V6 3.8L, 78-79 Base Model 80 Sport V6 3.8L, V8 5.7L, V6 4.1L Regal 74-80 V8 4.9L, V6 3.8L, V8 4.3L, Base Model Riviera 74-84 V8 5.7L, V8 5.0L, Skyhawk 75-79 Skylark 1975-1981 V6 2.8L

Cadillac Models: Cadillac Calais 74-76 Base Model Cadillac Commercial Chassis 1980 Base Model Deville 1974-79 Base Model V8 7.0L V6 4.1L Eldorado 1974-78 Base Model Fleetwood 1974-80 V8 7.0L V8 6.0L, Base Model Seville 1976-77 Base Model

98 74-79 Base Model, V8 5.7L, V8 6.6L 
Custom Cruiser 1974-79 Base Model, V8 6.6L, V8 5.7L (8th Vin Digit L& R)
Cutlass 74-80 Base Model, V8 5.7L, V8 4.3L, V8 5.0L, V6 3.8L, (V6 3.8L 8th Vin Digit A,2 1979) V8 5.0L (8th Vin Digit H) V8 4.3L 8th VIN F
Cutlass Calais 78-81 Base Model, V8 5.0L, V8 5.7L, V6 3.8L, V8 4.3L, 
Cutlass Crusier 80-81 V6 3.8L, V8 5.0L, 
Cutlass Salon 1978 V8 5.0L 
Cutlass Supreme 1974-80 V8 5.0L, V6 3.8L, V8 4.3L, V8 5.7L, 
Delta 88 74-81 Base Model, V8 7.5L, V8 6.6L, V8 5.7L, V6 3.8L (8th Vin Digit A) V8 4.3L (8th Digit Vin F) V8 5.7L (8th Vin Digit C&R) V8 4.9L (8th Vin Digit Y) 
Omega 75-81 Base Model
Starfire 75-80 Base Model
Toronado 1974-81 Base Model, V8 5.7L, V6 4.1L, 
Vista Cruiser 1974 Base Model

Pontiac Models: Astre 1975-77 L4 2.5L Bonneville 1974-81 V8 4.9L,V6 3.8L, V8 4.3L, V8 5.0L
Catalina 1974-81 V8 6.6L, V8 4.9L V8 5.7L V6 3.8L V8 4.9L, V8 4.3L, V8 5.0L,
Grand LeMans 1975-80 L6 4.1L, V6 3.8L V8 5.0L,V8 4.9L, V8 6.6L, V8 5.7L, V8 4.3L
LeMans 1974-81 V8.75L, V8 5.7L, V8 6.6L, L6 4.1L, V8 4.9L, V6 3.8L, V8 5.0L,

 Chevrolet Models:  Bel-Air 1974-75 Caprice 1974-82 V8 7.4L, V8 6.6L, V8 5.7L, V8 5.0L, V6 3.8L,V8 4.4L ElCamino 1974-81 V8 5.7L, V8 6.6L, V8 7.4L, L6 4.1L,V8 5.0L, V8 4.4L Impala 1974-82 V8 5.7L, V8 5.0L, V6 3.8L, V8 4.4L Monte Carlo 1974-1980 V6 3.8L, V8 5.0L, V8 4.4L