GM 81 Piece Headlight Adjusting Springs & Screws Kit

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81 piece assorted GM head light adjusting hardware shop variety kit. Includes adjusters and springs found on most 1959-1985 GM vehicles.

Hardware is usually found under the headlight bezel door. These parts are often brittle and break when making headlight adjustments.

Kit includes a wide range of nuts, bolts and springs to fit most GM vehicles 1959-85.

**This assortment is intended as a shop variety kit. Some or even none of these parts may fit your vehicle. Please confirm that this kit has what you need before purchasing.**

This kit includes:
JC#114-300 Qty 6: .50"D x 1.75L Headlight adjuster springs
JC#114-311 Qty 6: .49"D x 1.16L Headlight adjuster springs
JC#114-305 Qty 6: Headlight adjuster screws & nuts
JC#106-800 Qty 6: Rivets
JC#114-306 Qty 10: 1/4"-28 x 1" Headlight adjuster screws
JC#114-309 Qty 6: .50"D x 1.75L Headlight adjuster nuts
JC#114-301 Qty 6: 12-28 x 1-3/4" Headlight adjuster screws & nuts
JC#114-310 Qty 6: .58"D x 1.91"L Headlight adjuster springs
JC#114-312 Qty 6: .66"D x 1.10" L Headlight adjuster springs
JC#106-250 Qty 6: .50"D x 2-1/4"L Headlight adjuster springs
JC#114-302 Qty 6: 1/4"-28 x 1-7/8" Headlight adjuster screws & nuts
JC#114-313 Qty 4: 3/8" x 1/2" Hole, 1.75" L Headlight adjuster screws
JC#114-308 Qty 6: Fits 13/32" square hole, headlight adjuster nut