Emblem Barrel Tube Nuts Fasteners Choose Size

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This listing lets you choose various sizes of barrel emblem tube nuts or a complete kit. These clips snap into a hole in your body panel allowing you to secure the body emblem studs to the vehicle.

Please make one of these selections from the drop down menu above:

- 61pc Kit of Emblem Tubular Nuts
- 10 Pack 3/32"DIA x 1/8"L
- 10 Pack 1/8"DIA x 3/16"L
- 10 Pack 1/8"DIA x 1/4"L
- 10 Pack 3/16"DIA x 7/32L
- 10 Pack 5/32"DIA x 7/32"L
- 10 Pack 1/4"DIA x 9/32"L