1973-1976 GM Air Conditioning VIR Expansion Dryer Valve

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This listing is for a new remanufactured VIR air conditioning expansion dryer valve to fit most GM vehicles between 1973-1976. Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac.

VIR= Valve In Receiver

Fits most 1973-76 General motors with air conditioning, some applications might require re-clocking of the top valve cover. (Simply unscrew 4 5/16" head bolts, adjust, and reinstall bolts.) Rebuild includes complete disassembly, yellow zinc plating the upper valve cover and lower pieces, reconditioning the POA and expansion valves, replacing valve stems, replacing the sight-glass and all O-rings and installing new desiccant bags and pressure tested. The lower shell is 4 3/4" in height. Since the POA valve in VIR units cannot be calibrated, this valve is not suitable for 134a. R12 freon only!